Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Chasing Styx – Announcement

ForepawSoft presents Chasing Styx, a couch co-op, run-n-gun, bullet-hell, cute ‘em up for release on Windows PC this summer 2016. 

In Chasing Styx play the role of Cerberus, feared guardian of the Underworld.  While sleeping on the job, a herd of woodland bunnies hopped into the kingdom of the dead.  Hades is not pleased – the boisterous bunnies are distracting the dead from their endless torment.  Find your floppy-eared friends and get them back across the River Styx before hell freezes over.

Explore the far reaches of the Underworld, including a forest bathed in darkness and a cursed bell tower.  Levels can be approached in any order and feature multiple routes filled with disgruntled dead, tricky traps, hidden treasures, and screen covering waves of bullets.  Defeat armies of the dead and collect their souls to level up and equip additional attacks and abilities.  Two player local co-op is supported so bring a friend to help conquer the fast-paced action and frenetic boss battles.

Lot's of bullets; one brave puppy dog

Six heads are better than one

Find and equip a variety of attacks and abilities

Face big bosses and rambunctious rabbits

Unlock silly dog costumes
2016's premiere three-headed dog simulator.  Probably.