Saturday, January 28, 2017

Game Updates

Chasing Styx and Reflection of a Fallen Feather were updated back in the Fall to make the games a bit more accessible.  They also feature 100% more Linux compatibility.  Find the most recent versions in the downloads section.  Both games also made it through Steam Greenlight and will make an appearance on Steam in the next month or so.

 What's new with Chasing Styx v1.3?

  • Pretty Puppy difficulty made easier with more checkpoints and greater respawn health. Hell Hound and Demon Dog difficulties remain unapologetically difficult.
  • Early game enemy health tweaked down.
  • Fixed Campanile elevator glitch.
  • Fixed screen scroll collision glitch.


What's new with Reflection of a Fallen Feather v1.5 EasyType?

  • Can continue the game when defeated in most battles.
  • Removed Catacomb invisible warps.
  • Black Tortoise health adjusted down.
  • Fixed recurring Mazura battle glitch when reloading game (sorry, no more team of 3 Mazura).


What's next? 

In development is Daybreak Union, a small team tactical RPG that will be updated over time as a series of adventure modules.  Players explore vast areas in real time - split up the party, sneak around patrolling enemies, jump chasms, dodge traps, and position your characters to get the jump on the bad guys.  When combat is initiated, the action switches to close quarters turn-based strategy with an emphasis on map positioning.  Varied character classes can change the tide of battle but also play an important role while exploring by helping to detect hidden passages, improve encounter initiative, increase visibility, etc. 

On the back burner is Dawn of a Fallen Feather, a turn-based RPG featuring a light/dark world mechanic and dual party system (with two characters each).  The two parties can't interact directly but can manipulate the environment with unique tools to assist each other in accessing new areas and treasures.  While only one party at a time is active in battle, they can be swapped on the fly a la the character swap mechanic from Reflection.  Enemies feature two forms with different abilities based on the current active party.

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